Art creates dialogue.
Dialogue instigates ideas.
Ideas produce knowledge.
Knowledge is power.
Power breeds courage.



The Arts of Courage Project, ACP, mission is to create an empowering opportunity for cancer survivors to express themselves artistically. We seek to showcase the many facets of survivorship and the courage it takes to express oneself in such a way. We strive to give back to the tremendous community of survivors by leading by example, with courage. The Arts of Courage Project is PHILANTHROPY + ART.


With our three evolving channels - Art Auctions and Events, Yoga, Cards of Courage - ACP's ultimate goal is to raise funds for metastatic breast cancer research and survivor assistance.  


1. Art Auctions and Events

March 2, 2013 | The Arts of Courage Project, ACP Inaugural Art Auction, Chicago

Producing events, ACP showcases artists' donated works of art through a silent auction. Funds raised at the event are then donated to charitable organizations affiliated with survivor assistance. ACP also curates and sells the artwork independent of the events.

Our inaugural event featured below raised three times our fundraising goal, and 52 out of our 59 donated pieces were sold in the auction. 



June 7, 2018 | Cards of Courage Fundraising Trunk Show, Chicago

Cards of Courage held its first fundraising trunk show in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood at fashion boutique SPACE 519 . From 5-7PM, we introduced our premium paper products to special guests and the public. We are grateful to the team at SPACE 519 for generously hosting the event, as well as all of our guests who came to support us. Thank you!


2. Yoga

Along with those seeking to begin or evolve their practice, Jorie works one-on-one with those navigating their way through a cancer diagnosis and recovery. Earning her yoga teacher certificate in 2015, Jorie offers first-hand knowledge and a deep level of appreciation to her clients. ACP is a recipient of proceeds from these sessions. 

Contact Jorie today to book your session. 

One Sanskrit word for courage is SAURYA, the courage of an ordinary person who without flinching lives with hard choices. When our dear friend Maya, 14, was diagnosed with cancer for a third time, Jorie created this original mono print for her. Maya's artwork "Bee Happy" was the first donation we received for our inaugural event, and it was the most sought after auction item that evening. Maya epitomized courage, and she is loved and missed dearly everyday.


3. Cards of Courage

Our latest endeavor features our Cards of Courage packs. These cards showcase submitted artwork themed in courage, as well as Jorie's personal photography and imagery collections. A portion of the proceeds from their sales are donated to charitable organizations supporting those affected by cancer.

Our latest selection of Cards of Courage were recently featured in FLM, Fete Lifestyle Magazine's Women and Beauty issue. Read about their conception and how to embrace the beautiful in challenging times.